Natural ingredients can help you stay well this Fall season!

An ounce of prevention can definitely exceed a pound of cure

Chady F. Wonson
2008 November

When the seasons change, many people suddenly develop a wide range of health ailments, including colds, migraines and respiratory problems. Why? Our bodies often have a difficult time compensating for climate and temperature changes. For example, Indian summer, which marks the advent of Fall and Winter, usually means chilly mornings and nights, and dry winds during the day. Outside temperatures can shift more than 10 degrees in a single day, which is a shock to the system after enjoying a summer of warm temperatures. Plus, the air tends to be very dry, which can dehydrate the body, causing dry lips and skin, and even constipation.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the secret to staying vibrant and healthy is to plan a season ahead. This means you should boost your body’s strength and immune system today so that you can stay healthy throughout the fall and upcoming holiday seasons.

Give your body a boost

Here are some tips to prepare your body for the season ahead:

•  Drink at least two liters of water with a splash of lemon juice or honey every day. This will help bring moisture to your entire body. Lemons are filled with more immune-boosting vitamin C than oranges and honey boosts your energy as it moisturizes your lungs.

•  Alternately, you can add Himalayan pink salt to your water. This healing salt contains calcium and magnesium, two essential minerals that help your body stay healthy. By working to calm the nervous system, Himalayan pink salt also treats insomnia and restless leg syndrome.

•  Eat wolfberries, also known as goji berries. Rich in vitamin A, the wolfberry works to prevent sinus and other respiratory infections.

•  Add sesame seed oil to your diet to further moisturize tissues and vital organs. You can drizzle sesame seed oil over a wide range of foods for added flavor, including fish and salads, just like you would with olive oil. In the alternative, you can purchase sesame seed oil capsules that can be consumed like vitamins.

•  Finally, elimination is the key to removing toxins from your body. On average, you should have between one to three bowel movements a day. If your internal organs become dry from dehydration, you may suffer from constipation, which can lead to illness and an overall feeling of malaise. Drink plenty of water to moisturize internally and keep your elimination process on schedule.

Himalayan pink salt can be purchased from Wolfberries and sesame seed oil are available at most health food and organic grocery stores.

Chady F. Wonson Chady F. Wonson

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