2011 September

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Want your mediation to fail?

The other side of the coin: Twelve excellent and fairly common ways to insure your mediation fails

Alexander Polsky

2011 September

Wal-Mart: Everyday low prices, everyday discrimination

Will Dukes v. Wal-Mart prove to be a detriment to the American worker?

Micha Star Liberty

2011 September

The diminishing shadow of the courthouse

The state budget crisis promises to deliver devilish delays in the civil justice system. Will this render private mediation less effective, or could it present opportunities for more productive mediation?

Jeffrey Krivis

2011 September

Current trends in personal-injury mediation

Early mediation, multiple mediation sessions, absent decision makers and joint sessions vs. private sessions

Matthew P. Guasco
Rosemarie Chiusano Drohan

2011 September

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Recent cases of interest to members of the plaintiffs’ bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2011 September

Settlement talks – It’s not over until the foreperson sings

Settlement talks can be as effective at the end of a trial as at the beginning

Miles B. Cooper

2011 September

Turning the sow’s ear into the silk purse – finding gold in the empty judgment

Old cases become a flashpoint when money lands at the debtor’s doorstep

David Cook

2011 September

Millennial jurors and the Internet

The Internet brings instant information to jurors that can lead to big problems at trial

Jacqueline Connor

2011 September

What did you just say?

How to take charge of your negotiations to communicate what you really mean (and want)

Barbara Brown

2011 September

The utter unreliability of eyewitness testimony

It turns out that the eyes don’t “see;” the brain does. This can make eyewitness testimony unreliable – but how can we question it?

Larry Booth

2011 September

When vacations lead to lawsuits

How to analyze cases involving injuries abroad to gain jurisdiction over a nonresident defendant

Jessica N. Biernier

2011 September

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