2011 May

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Bike law 101: Four tips for representing cyclists

The growing numbers of urban cyclists create focus on the laws affecting cyclist versus motorist collisions

Shaana A. Rahman

2011 May

When customer lists are not trade secrets

Making the case against enforcing non-solicitation agreements

Barbara Lawless
Tanisha Shafer

2011 May

Profile: Anna Dubrovsky

Russian immigrant runs her own firm, raises two children and takes on insurance companies

2011 May

When workers’ comp is not the exclusive remedy

While an employer is likely protected by the exclusive remedy doctrine, the parent or related companies may not be

George Ellard
Eustace de Saint Phalle

2011 May

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Recent cases of interest to members of the plaintiff’s bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2011 May

Budgeting, financing and banking issues in the solo or small practice

Get control of your finances! Practical suggestions on how to create a budget, secure funding and set reasonable goals

Scott J. Corwin

2011 May

An egoless lawyer?

Can learning to meditate really help you professionally? According to this attorney guru, your new outlook on a dispute may be just an “OM” away

Chuck Cordes

2011 May

Surf the Net invisibly, instead of naked

Protect yourself and your clients from snoops and Internet bandits. Advice on how to protect your identity when searching the net, and how to cleanup your PC afterwards

Michael Mortimer

2011 May

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