2011 March

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Try a workaround

Finding a workaround to satisfy an irrational party in multiparty meditation may get the settlement back on track

Jeffrey Krivis

2011 March

Civil success through OSHA: Suarez v. Pacific Northstar Mechanical creates a new tort duty

On multiemployer worksites, it is important to establish the duty of reporting non-obvious hazards to all workers

2011 March

Discounting future earnings to present value – Debunking the myths

What present value is and the subjective factors that go into its calculation

Phillip Sidlow
Enrique Vega

2011 March

The African safari Cape buffalo case

Who’s at fault when your client is attacked by a Cape buffalo? What about liability releases and assumption of risk?

Ronald H. Rouda

2011 March

Phones and Tablets: What a difference 13 months makes

Electronics are exploding into the marketplace. From phones with front-facing cameras to tablets with 3D, here is what to expect in 2011

Michael Mortimer

2011 March

Medical-malpractice cases should focus on the facts, not the experts

Don’t let the defense make your experts the focus of the case. Make jurors first focus on the facts that are in dispute and then weigh experts’ opinions

Bruce Fagel

2011 March

Profile: Stewart Tabak

Solo practitioner wants to bring clients’ lives back to normal — or as normal as possible

2011 March

The “letter perfect” policy limit demand letter

Writing an effective demand letter can lead to a faster, better settlement or make it easier to “open up” defendant’s policy limits

Ronald J. Cook

2011 March

Life balance and the law: An oxymoron?

Don’t wait for a wake-up call. Learning to say “yes” to core values can promote a legitimate life balance

Madelyn J. Chaber

2011 March

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Recent cases of interest to members of the plaintiff’s bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2011 March

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