2011 June

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Protecting employees working abroad for federal contractors

Civil claims under the Defense Base Act involve issues not typically present in California workers-comp cases

Kimberly Wong

2011 June

Go graphic in mediation, not just in trial

At best, you will likely increase the settlement value; at worst, you’re really ready for trial

Morgan C. Smith

2011 June

On standing up and speaking out: Whistleblowers

A primer on protections for those who take on corporate America or City Hall

Samuel Rudolph

2011 June

The prescription drug case

That a drug is unreasonably dangerous is the standard to be argued in pharma actions

Kristine Meredith

2011 June

Using a focus group when your case gets locked up

Listen and learn from the mock jury panel’s deliberation

Jeffrey Krivis

2011 June

“Hybrid” fee agreements for business litigation

“Increased mileage” agreement allows the attorney and client to go those extra miles to obtain a great result

Barry P. Goldberg

2011 June

AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion: The death knell for class actions?

Has the consumer class-action suit been eliminated and replaced with individual arbitration?

Jonathan Gertler
Christian Schreiber

2011 June

Profile: Scott Sumner

Studious trial lawyer and longtime champion of key plaintiff-law issue

2011 June

Appellate Reports

Recent cases of interest to members of the plaintiff’s bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2011 June

What the camera doesn’t show

The sub rosa camera can be made to lie and you can expose it

Miles B. Cooper

2011 June

Avoiding discovery wars

Every hour wasted in discovery wars is an hour that could have been better spent on more productive activities

John P. Blumberg

2011 June

Personal Injury Handbook By Larry Booth and Roger Booth

A straight-forward, no-nonsense guide to personal-injury cases. The book (with CD-Rom) contains forms, checklists and tips to find your way through the maze of handling personal-injury cases.

Donna Bader

2011 June

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