2011 July

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The quid pro quo of mediation

Eliminate obstacles, prepare thoroughly and give the other side what they need so that you will get reasonable case value the first time around

2011 July

Motions in limine misused and abused

More trial judges are taking the defense bait, granting motions on the eve of trial that effectively gut you case

Solange E. Ritchie

2011 July

Offensive use of summary judgments: Knocking out affirmative defenses

Instead of fearing summary judgment, use it to eliminate key issues and improve your position at trial

Brian J. Malloy

2011 July

The windup before the pitch

Starting mediation with “tiger blood” still flowing is usually a waste of time. Wait for emotions to calm

Jeffrey Krivis

2011 July

Comparative fault does not reduce a judgment based on a breach of warranty

Both express and implied warranties can be used to defeat the defense of comparative fault

Louis S. Franecke

2011 July

Profile: Jack DeMeo

Courtesy and generosity have molded the so-called “dean” of trial lawyers in Sonoma County

2011 July

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Recent cases of interest to members of the plaintiffs’ bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2011 July

Second chair is much more than second fiddle

Never a second’s hesitation – the role of the second seat in trial is to be present and anticipate

Miles B. Cooper

2011 July

Limiting a defendant to a single new trial motion

California courts attempt to limit new trial motions to prevent interminable trials from clogging the courtrooms

Jeremy Cloyd

2011 July

The what, why and how of persuasion

First, tell them why they should care. Then give them decision-making information that is memorable. And be quick about it

John P. Blumberg

2011 July

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