2011 January

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Protecting the rights of immigrant clients in employment and personal injury cases

Whether in this county legally or not, immigrants have rights that need protection in employment and personal-injury cases

Jennifer A. Reisch

2011 January

A defendant for your products-liability case

Depending on special relationships with the product manufacturer, an insurance company may be liable

Elinor Leary

2011 January

Unconditional love in the courtroom

A prominent attorney continues his psycho-spiritual journey

J. Gary Gwilliam

2011 January

How to know a potential class action when you see one

Some class actions are obvious, but others require a trained eye. Here’s a primer for your first class case

Ingrid M. Evans
John A. List

2011 January

Profile: Niall McCarthy

The president-elect of Consumer Attorneys of California is a seasoned litigator, philanthropist and fundraiser

2011 January

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Recent cases of interest to members of the plaintiff’s bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2011 January

Taking on art fraud

With the advent of scams executed on the Internet, art law has become a niche for intellectual-property attorneys, but focuses on the tort of fraud

Anayat Durrani

2011 January

EMS helicopter crashes raise complex liability issues

Fatal crashes of EMS helicopters are not uncommon. In fact, when compared to other aviation, they’re off the chart

Michael Danko

2011 January

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