2011 August

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Biomechanics of auto accidents

Injury mechanics and medical opinion combine to form the testimony for injury causation

John C. Gardiner
Check Y. Kam

2011 August

Risk aversion: Evaluating the auto-collision case

Research a potential client’s background and avoid nasty surprises that turn a winning case into a loser

John C. Taylor
Louanne Masry

2011 August

Accident-scene evidence

Securing and preserving evidence from the accident scene can make your case. Don’t wait until it’s too late

John D. Rowell

2011 August

When the “lemon” is a yacht, pray for a washer-dryer

How do you convince jurors who are living paycheck to paycheck to sympathize with the yacht owner who got a “lemon”?

Dan D. Nabel

2011 August

The False Claims Act: A weapon often overlooked

The federal False Claims Act and similar state laws not only protect whistleblowers, but also force wrongdoers to stop the underlying fraud

Jessica T. Moore

2011 August

“Criminal” torts

Maximizing your client’s recovery through effective use of victim restitution

Elinor Leary
Andje Medina

2011 August

Setting the anchor

A mediator can be an effective anchorman: Offering security in a contentious negotiation

Jeffrey Krivis

2011 August

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Recent cases of interest to members of the plaintiffs’ bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2011 August

Lawyer advertising: ___ A. reaches new heights or ___ B. sinks to new depths

From TV to Web sites to car wraps, attorneys find myriad ways to differentiate themselves

Anayat Durrani

2011 August

Directing the direct when your witness is not an expert

Curiosity on direct examination can be the key to revealing the Perry Mason moment in a trial

Miles B. Cooper

2011 August

The client from hell

A few good cases are better than a cabinet full of problems

Larry Booth

2011 August

Profile: Stephen Murphy

Profile: Stephen Murphy

“Be passionate about your case, but remain skeptical”

Stephen Ellison

2011 August

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