2011 April

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The plaintiff’s deposition in medical malpractice

Your plaintiff needs to be prepared for questions related to three common defenses

Shirley Watkins

2011 April

Determining the true policy limits for a policy-limits demand

A look at the limits of liability under five insurance scenarios demonstrates why it’s not always easy to make a true policy-limits demand

Alexander F. Stuart

2011 April

Sports and recreation cases: Hope springs eternal

The 4th District Court of Appeal keeps hope alive for sports and recreational activity cases that are often thought of as DOA due to liability releases and the assumption of risk doctrine

Anthony Label

2011 April

“Reverse engineering” the settlement of a punch press case

The defense will do a risk analysis of their exposure to a jury verdict. Use it to get into a settlement zone

Jeffrey Krivis

2011 April

Mediating medical-malpractice cases

Top ten practical tips for resolving medical-negligence cases at mediation

Bruce Fagel

2011 April

Profile: Tim Tietjen

Profile: Tim Tietjen

Shrewd litigator picks his battles – and ultimately wins the war

Stephen Ellison

2011 April

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Recent cases of interest to members of the plaintiff’s bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2011 April

Jury selection: There’s an app for that

A look at the usefulness of social network information in juror selection and apps for the courtroom that could make voir dire more efficient and effective

Anayat Durrani

2011 April

An e-discovery guide to spoliation motions

Keep your electronic evidence from being flushed down the toilet. Once rare, spoliation cases are growing in number

Nick Brestoff

2011 April

Retaliatory lawsuits against plaintiff attorneys

When a PI case is lost, the defendant may seek to retaliate against plaintiff’s lawyer

Larry Booth
Michael C. Denison

2011 April

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