2010 October

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The effect of disability on earnings and worklife expectancy

Lower levels of employment and reduction in earnings are two issues affecting the worklife expectancy of the disabled

Phillip Sidlow
Enrique Vega

2010 October

Self-service, instant-access society: Social media implications for the jury box

Is Google or Twitter deciding your case? How to disconnect jurors so they pay attention to the evidence

Teresa Rosado

2010 October

Establishing school district liability in student on student assaults

Who is liable for protection of children while they are at school? A look at negligent supervision on school campuses

Shaana A. Rahman

2010 October

Profile: Fernando Chavez

The son of civil rights leader Cesar Chavez has long since emerged from his famous father’s shadow

2010 October

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Recent cases of interest to members of the plaintiff’s bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2010 October

Ten ways to settle your case quickly and reasonably

A defense attorney suggests that your client may benefit if you cooperate with defense counsel

Debra Bogaards

2010 October

Product liability focus: Asbestos law isn’t just for asbestos lawyers

Developments in this specialty practice can offer tremendous advantages to your general product liability case

Jessica N. Biernier

2010 October

Saving face: Lessons from Google’s tiff with China

The secret is to allow one’s opponents to make concessions gracefully, without having to admit that they made a mistake or backed down

Jeffrey Krivis

2010 October

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