2010 December

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Underground foodies: Legal renegades or Robin Hoods?

A look at the of legal implications and identifiable solutions to the underground food movement

Sheila Yazdi

2010 December

iPad or E-Reader: Which should you buy this holiday season?

Are you the first one on the block with the latest techie toy? Decide what you really want and what it really costs

Michael Mortimer

2010 December

Proving future damages when your client is self-employed

The dilemma posed by the self-employed client: Calculating future damages for the small-business owner can be difficult

John Feder

2010 December

Profile: Amy Eskin

“Fierce and committed,” she’s taken on big pharma and other giants over 28 years at Hersh & Hersh

2010 December

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Court can deny petition to compel arbitration; also, bringing redundant causes of action in defamation suit can lead to anti-SLAPP rulings that open the door to attorney’s fees

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2010 December

Prying attorneys from their deceptive clients

The crime-fraud exception to attorney-client privilege can be a powerful tool to pry out defendant’s secrets and separate the defendant from its former attorneys

Eustace de Saint Phalle
Andrew Clay

2010 December

Does the high unemployment rate impact plaintiffs’ win rates in employment cases?

The jobs recession likely impacts plaintiffs’ win rates, but more certain is that a juror’s decision is based on gender, racial/ethnic, or demographic biases

2010 December

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