2007 August

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Surviving the legal profession

The first years in private practice are often tough. Mentors and a support system can get you through it

Michele Magar

2007 August

Let’s Talk Marketing

Eight things you can do to kick-start your marketing

Geri Wilson

2007 August

Batson-Wheeler motions

A short course on trial objection to peremptory challenges based on group bias

Shirley Watkins

2007 August

The Consumer Legal Remedies Act

Restoring the traditional pleading and proof requirements for claims of deception under Civil Code section 1750

James C. Sturdevant
Alexius Markwalder

2007 August

What you need to know about automatic doors

Do you have a product liability action or one for negligent maintenance?

Michael Panish

2007 August

Medical malpractice: 10 sure losers

A bad medical outcome doesn’t make it a good case. Before you say “yes” to a case, review the list – and think again

Barry Gustin

2007 August

Caught in the act!

Accident reconstruction from captured video footage can prove more than you might think

Craig Fries

2007 August

Financial management in a contingent fee practice

By borrowing to pay case costs, a firm can use its own funds for other expenses and investments

Michael Blum

2007 August

Applying res ipsa loquitur to premises liability fire cases

“The judge had been around for ages and never once tried a fire case involving res ipsa loquitur.”

Donna Bader

2007 August

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