Tami Kamin-Meyer

Tami Kamin-Meyer

Bio as of December 2009:

Tami Kamin-Meyer is an Ohio attorney and a freelance writer and editor. Her byline has appeared in Better Homes and Gardens, Ohio Lawyer, and Ohio Lawyers Weekly. In 2007, she was the Ohio correspondent for www.legalnewsline.com., Kamin-Meyer also penned a study guide about filing personal bankruptcy published by Quamut, a division of Barnes and Noble.

Articles written by this author:

Oh, what a tangled (World Wide) Web we weave

Do’s and don’ts in promoting your practice on the Web

Tami Kamin-Meyer

2009 October

To blog or not to blog: That is the question

Information, please! Blogging opens the door to the legal world

Tami Kamin-Meyer

2008 June

Tough economic times don’t deter lawyers from pro bono cases

There are as many reasons for offering pro bono representation as there are lawyers in the American legal system

Tami Kamin-Meyer

2008 September

Westlaw versus Lexis: The debate rages on

Rising costs and a weak economy may influence the outcome of the libraries’ choice of search engines

Tami Kamin-Meyer

2008 December

Surprise! Conservative think tank study again suggests that “loser-pays” is right for America

Even a defense attorney agrees it would have a chilling effect on filing of many meritorious suits

Tami Kamin-Meyer

2009 March

Recession tactics: Plaintiffs’ attorneys find it’s not all bad news

The economic downturn creates some new opportunities, sparks innovation, but also delays settlement from insurers

Tami Kamin-Meyer

2009 June

A good fit: Married in life and the practice of law

Lawyer couples reveal what it takes to work together and stay married

Tami Kamin-Meyer

2009 December