Solange E. Ritchie

Solange E. Ritchie

Bio as of September 2013:

Solange Ritchie practices law in Orange County with Steve Young, and has experience in complex fraud and contract related matters. She has published extensively on the issues of punitive damages, SLAPP and anti-SLAPP motions, civil procedure, and related topics in Advocate and Plaintiff magazines. She is a board member of Orange County Trial Lawyers Association. She can be reached at

Articles written by this author:

Arbitration myth busting: What every attorney and client needs to know

All arbitrators “split the baby,” misapply the law, prevent discovery and rule with ultimate authority – or do they?

Solange E. Ritchie

2007 September

Finding the smoking gun: A hands-on guide to dealing with electronic discovery

With the advent of metadata, pushing the “delete” button does not erase damning e-mails or documents

Solange E. Ritchie

2007 December

Motions in limine misused and abused

More trial judges are taking the defense bait, granting motions on the eve of trial that effectively gut you case

Solange E. Ritchie

2011 July

Punitive damages: Defendant’s ability to pay

Net worth is the most common measure of defendant’s financial condition, but focusing on “ability to pay” the punitive award may be a better strategy

Solange E. Ritchie

2013 September