Michael Panish

Bio as of August 2007:

Michael Panish is president of Construction Systems.  He is licensed as a general building contractor, electrical contractor, door, lock & security equipment contractor, and cabinet & millwork contractor. One of his companies, Door and Hardware Systems, specializes in ADA and life safety compliance for all types of commercial, industrial and retail properties.

Articles written by this author:

What you need to know about automatic doors

Do you have a product liability action or one for negligent maintenance?

Michael Panish

2007 August

Don’t let the door hit you in the ….

If you suspect your client was injured by a defective door, here are some preliminary discovery tips

Michael Panish

2010 June

Home repair and home warranty “rip-offs” still target the elderly

Unscrupulous contractors are nothing new, but homeowner warranties are a new twist

Michael Panish

2010 September