Michael Mortimer

Michael Mortimer

Bio as of December 2013:

Michael Mortimer is a federal trial lawyer located in San Francisco. He is spending most of his time now authoring a number of books and articles. Mortimer is also the regular technology columnist for Plaintiff Magazine.

Articles written by this author:

Using the Net to build your case: A real-life example

A killer puts evidence — hidden content — on his Web site. Would you know how to find it?

Michael Mortimer

2009 September

The courtroom: no place for personal attacks

Putting on an act in the courtroom may not be as entertaining as you think

Michael Mortimer

2009 January

“Emergency Production” of digital documents for federal electronic filing

You’re in a panic when you realize your office is not equipped to file electronically the federal pleading that is due next week. Here’s how to get it done inexpensively

Michael Mortimer

2008 October

Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat PDF programs

Now that Adobe has made the PDF programming code “open source,” lawyers have a choice of more affordable PDF programs

Michael Mortimer

2008 November

How not to be an “asshat” in the courtroom

Tips to assist you in making an effective, professional courtroom appearance

Michael Mortimer

2008 November

Computer files backup: new, improved, cheaper

Failing to back up your office data files is not only stupid, it can be negligent

Michael Mortimer

2009 January

Notebook computer buying guide for lawyers

Here is the lowdown on how to get a great notebook for less than $600

Michael Mortimer

2009 February

Stick it to the cell phone man

Never fear, there is something one can do about the amount paid each month to the cell phone robber baron

Michael Mortimer

2009 April

Get smart! Buy a smartphone

Smartphones do so much more than cell phones — it makes sense to get one. Here’s how to shop smart.

Michael Mortimer

2009 May

Top tips on writing “points & authorities”

Practical advice on getting your brief done more efficiently

Michael Mortimer

2009 June

Capturing and saving Internet evidence

For a $20 investment you can obtain smoking-gun evidence from the Web and satisfy your Perry Mason fantasies

Michael Mortimer

2009 July

I don’t need to do any stinkin’ timekeeping

Attorneys on contingency may not think they need to keep track of billable hours. Here are the reasons you should watch the clock.

Michael Mortimer

2009 August

Are you a computer-file slob? It’s time to clean up your act

The clock is ticking: Can’t find a document? Can’t remember its name or where you put it?

Michael Mortimer

2009 October

2009 Netbook Buying Guide

Great deals abound this holiday season for netbooks. Check out the features and benefits before you buy

Michael Mortimer

2009 December

Master of your own domain

Here is a true DIY guide to getting a Web site up and running in less than 90 minutes

Michael Mortimer

2010 February

How to avoid “dick surgery”

Type faster and avoid embarrassment in the courtroom with the help of really cool new software, Breevy

Michael Mortimer

2010 April

Don’t get robbed on the Internet

Roboform may be the best Robocop for protecting your information — and your clients’ — online

Michael Mortimer

2010 June

Understanding and managing your software licenses

Tips on buying and managing office software that can save you hassle and money

Michael Mortimer

2010 September

Mortimer’s Annual Holiday and Tax Deduction Tech Shopping Guide

Forget the Neiman Marcus and Sears catalogs. Here’s an invaluable guide to every tech gift on your list along with tips on how to save money

Michael Mortimer

2010 November

iPad or E-Reader: Which should you buy this holiday season?

Are you the first one on the block with the latest techie toy? Decide what you really want and what it really costs

Michael Mortimer

2010 December

Phones and Tablets: What a difference 13 months makes

Electronics are exploding into the marketplace. From phones with front-facing cameras to tablets with 3D, here is what to expect in 2011

Michael Mortimer

2011 March

The Holiday and New Year’s technology gift guide

All you really need to know about the latest wave of technology

Michael Mortimer

2011 December

Holiday tech (and not so tech) gift and buying guide

What to buy, what not to buy, and where to find the best deals. Don’t miss the cell phone plan!

Michael Mortimer

2012 December

Annual Holiday Tech Gift & Buying Guide

What to buy, what not to buy, where to find the best deals, and what’s new this year

Michael Mortimer

2013 December

Don’t buy any computers until 2011

Aching for a new computer? New technology and lower pricing make it worthwhile to wait if you can

Michael Mortimer

2010 March

Surf the Net invisibly, instead of naked

Protect yourself and your clients from snoops and Internet bandits. Advice on how to protect your identity when searching the net, and how to cleanup your PC afterwards

Michael Mortimer

2011 May