Kurt D. Weiss

Kurt D. Weiss

Bio as of May 2017:

Mr. Weiss is a forensic engineer and collision reconstructionist with Automotive Safety Research in Santa Barbara, CA.  He has more than 30 years’ experience in crash reconstruction, forensic testing and expert consultation.  Mr. Weiss has authored 38 technical publications and has 53 presentations.

Articles written by this author:

Auto accident reconstruction: The basics you must know

Understanding what the engineer is talking about and how conclusions are reached

Kurt D. Weiss

2007 November

Failure mode forensic testing of seat belts

Seat belts can reveal many clues after an accident

Kurt D. Weiss

2008 January

Surveillance-camera video in traffic-collision reconstruction

Surveillance cameras are everywhere in commerical districts, and their video can be useful when accidents occur in nearby traffic lanes – but act fast!

Kurt D. Weiss

2016 May

Roadway and vehicle evidence in rollover collisions

Reconstructing a rollover includes examining physical evidence on the roadway and the vehicle. Here’s a detailed roadmap to examining that evidence

Kurt D. Weiss

2016 October