Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen, a bicycle commuter, represents injured cyclists. He attended Vermont Law School and clerked for the EPA, Dewey & LeBoeuf, the California Attorney General’s Office, and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. He did toxic torts plaintiff work before working with his father Paul F. Cohen. Josh is a member of CAALA, CAOC, AAJ, The Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition, The California Bicycle Coalition and the League of American Bicyclists. He frequently presents to cycling groups about insurance and the law. Visit his Web site: He can be reached at


Articles written by this author:

The cyclist anti-harassment ordinance

A civil cause of action for cyclists harassed by motorists – and a $1,000 remedy in Los Angeles

Josh Cohen

2014 July

Video evidence: Finding it, securing it and getting it admitted

Video evidence is gold in personal injury cases; make certain you turn over every stone to find it

Josh Cohen

2016 March

It is time to harmonize the UM Statute with the Three Feet for Safety Act

Bicyclists injured by cars need the security of UM coverage, but they don’t need the physical-contact test

Josh Cohen

2016 July

Pay it forward: A call to action

Bicycling is the most energy-efficient means of transportation on the planet. We must use the wealth we gain from our clients’ misfortune to make our cities safer for all road users

Josh Cohen

2022 June