Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis

Bio as of May 2009:

Jeff Davis is the founder, president and CEO of Legal Art Works at Legal Art Works’ exhibits and 3D animations are used by trial attorneys across the United States to help generate larger settlements and verdicts.

Articles written by this author:

The four-minute med school: Disc damage for lawyers

Not all “jelly donuts” are for eating. Here’s spinal anatomy in language you and your client can understand

Jeff Davis

2009 May

The five most effective ways to demonstrate spinal injuries

Here are proven ways to present complex medical conditions to the jury in an understandable, yet compelling, manner

Jeff Davis

2009 August

Eight rules for using demonstrative injury visuals

What a thousand words can confuse, a single picture can clarify. Don’t miss a chance for the jury to visualize your client’s injuries

Jeff Davis

2009 September