James Mills

James Mills has been a Senior Economist with Robert W. Johnson & Associates since 2002. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Applied Economics from San Jose State University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Santa Clara University, and an accounting certificate from the University of California, Berkeley, Extension. He has consulted on a variety of cases involving punitive damages, wage loss, lost profit, and lost investment income. He has testified at deposition and trial in personal injury, wrongful death, punitive damages and marriage dissolution cases. He has been admitted as an economic expert in state courts in California and Oregon.

Articles written by this author:

Forensic economics and the calculation of personal-injury damages

An overview of the role of the economic expert and some of today’s more controversial economic issues

James Mills

2014 March

Issues in assessing future lost earning capacity

A look at situations where assessment of lost earning capacity is not straightforward

James Mills

2016 April