J. Gary Gwilliam

J. Gary Gwilliam

Bio as of January 2011:

J. Gary Gwilliam is an Oakland trial lawyer, a veteran of over 150 jury trials, and the author of the award-winning book, Getting a Winning Verdict in My Personal Life: A Trial Lawyer Finds His Soul.
He is frequently called to serve as an expert witness on the standard of care for lawyers’ conduct. Gwilliam is a past president of Consumer Attorneys of California and Public Justice (formerly Trial Lawyers for Public Justice). For more information on his book and speaking, see www.garygwilliam.com.  For information on his law firm, see www.giccb.com.


Articles written by this author:

Lessons from losing: How to beat defeat

Any litigator is going to have to deal with losses and will probably suffer many of them

J. Gary Gwilliam

2008 November

Techniques for arguing damages to a jury

Establish rapport, frame your argument, link the money to wrongdoing and ask for what your client deserves

J. Gary Gwilliam

2009 May

Peak performance in litigation through relaxation

Have your nerves gotten in the way? Here are practical suggestions on de-stressing so you can gain the upper hand in the courtroom

J. Gary Gwilliam

2009 June

Old warriors

Don’t mention the “R” word to this over-70 club. Old warriors’ hearts are strong and their weapons are as effective and deadly as ever

J. Gary Gwilliam

2009 August

Trial lawyers: Actors or boxers?

How you approach the trial, as art or sport, may well affect the outcome

J. Gary Gwilliam

2009 December

Are trial lawyers becoming extinct?

What happens if trial lawyers don’t try cases to a jury anymore?

J. Gary Gwilliam

2010 January

More musings on the extinction of a species: Trial lawyers

We try far fewer jury trials today than ten years ago. Is the growing number of women in trial practice a factor in this conundrum? Are women in the law a factor?

J. Gary Gwilliam

2010 February

Third in a series

Challenged with managing huge caseloads, how much are judges to blame for the disappearance of jury trials?

J. Gary Gwilliam

2010 March

Men and women as trial lawyers

Different doesn’t mean weaker, it just means different

J. Gary Gwilliam

2010 May

The male warrior/trial lawyer

Male trial lawyers are fighting issues of “hidden spirituality” and “false masculinity” that carry over into their professional relationships with women

J. Gary Gwilliam

2010 July

The vanishing civil jury trial

Could jury consultants and mock trials be used more creatively to resolve cases?

J. Gary Gwilliam

2010 August

A Winning Verdict

Is a “spiritual trial lawyer” an oxymoron?

J. Gary Gwilliam

2010 November

Unconditional love in the courtroom

A prominent attorney continues his psycho-spiritual journey

J. Gary Gwilliam

2011 January

Being a lawyer doesn’t have to be this stressful

Being a lawyer doesn’t have to be this stressful

Stress tips for the pandemic from a working-mother trial lawyer and a seasoned trial lawyer

Jayme L. Walker
J. Gary Gwilliam

2021 March