Geraldine Lewis

Bio as of March 2009:

Geraldine Lewis lives and works in the heart of the Redwoods at Willits, CA. She is an attorney and freelance writer. She has just put the finishing touches on her second novel.

Articles written by this author:

Winning alternatives to the billable hour

Has the billable hour seen its demise? It’s time to examine your billing practices. There is a better way to value your services and satisfy your clients

Geraldine Lewis

2008 June

Small town lawyers who beat the blues

There is truly “life outside the big city.” Six attorneys tell their stories

Geraldine Lewis

2008 July

Depressed? You’re not alone, and the numbers are growing.

Treating depression starts with coming out of the shadows: it’s an illness, not an individual failing

Geraldine Lewis

2008 August

Avoiding legal malpractice: Pitfalls of problem clients

The plaintiff’s attorney is the most likely to commit legal malpractice. Proper evaluation of the case and client can help avoid this pitfall

Geraldine Lewis

2008 November

Clients with special needs

Attorneys need to adopt specific strategies to represent special needs clients successfully. The payoff for your efforts will be bigger than your fee

Geraldine Lewis

2009 January

Small practitioners seem to weather the recession

The economic tsunami may not hit you, but it never hurts to be prudent

Geraldine Lewis

2009 March