Fred Carr

Fred Carr

Fred Carr is an international, AV® preeminent rated attorney-mediator.  With over 20 years of litigation and negotiation experience and having mediated hundreds of cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, property damage, construction defects, contract, real estate, probate, employment, sexual harassment and assault, Mr. Carr is keenly capable of maintaining control of negotiations and facilitating resolution of disputes. He is a mediation practitioner at Carr & Venner ADR in San Rafael.

Articles written by this author:

What’s said in mediation stays in mediation, right?

A look at the scope of mediation confidentiality and its public policy grounds

Fred Carr

2013 September

Settling the “dangerous condition of public property” claim

How to maximize your chance of resolution during the first mediation session

Fred Carr

2014 March

The inherent conflict of interest in “Prevailing Party Attorney’s Fees” provisions

While a PPAFP does not strictly amount to a de jure “proprietary interest” in the litigation, it certainly has the characteristics of a de facto interest

Fred Carr

2015 September

Protecting against attorney malpractice and misconduct at mediation – at what cost?

Is the law revision commission throwing the baby out with the bath water? Or, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

Fred Carr

2017 August