Eric L. Lifschitz

Eric L. Lifschitz

Bio as of March 2023:

Eric Lifschitz has owned and managed variations of his tenants’ rights law practice since 2001, currently operating as Lifschitz Law. He served as Board President of the Eviction Defense Collaborative (2015-2019), servicing the community via the EDC as shield to tenants undergoing eviction and through his practice as sword to recover for their losses. With a background in chemistry and training in the medical diagnostics industry, Eric has developed an expertise in toxic mold litigation and practices broadly as a tenants’ rights advocate and related areas of law. Tenant Law Action has created a free community guide to help potential clients begin the steps of self-advocacy. You can download the guide at

Articles written by this author:

When is toxic mold litigation not toxic mold litigation?

To settle with an insurer, you must maneuver around the exclusions for mold and focus on varied tenant claims that arise from an uninhabitable rental unit

Eric L. Lifschitz
Aaron H. Darsky

2012 September

Empowering potential clients

Turning the intake consultation into a lesson in self-advocacy, particularly in representing tenants against landlords

Eric L. Lifschitz

2023 April