Denise Top

Denise Top

Denise Top is a founding partner of Top | DePaul LLP focusing on employment issues and litigation in support of the rights of employees. As a former defense attorney, Denise defended public and private entities in employment matters and, as a result, she understands how employers work and can often achieve results before a lawsuit is filed.

The law is not Denise’s first career. She worked almost a decade in social services and in the buying offices of several major Bay Area retailers before starting law school. She was on the editorial board of Law Review and received Witkin Awards for Academic Excellence in Remedies and Community Property and a CALI Excellence for the Future Award in Appellate Advocacy. Denise has been selected to the Super Lawyers Rising Stars list in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Endurance training for Ironman triathlons has taught Denise that any goal is attainable with hard work, dedication, and a good sense of humor.

Articles written by this author:

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Denise Top

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