David Gordon

David Gordon

David Gordon is Nevada’s State Judicial Educator, and has been on the staff of the Nevada Supreme Court since 2004. Mr. Gordon has been a co-presenter on Civil Mediation at The National Judicial College since 2017. He was a linguist and intelligence officer in the US Navy where he served in submarines under the Mediterranean, at a field station on Turkey’s Black Sea shore, in the arctic with the Canadian military, and other less hospitable places.


Articles written by this author:

Mediation and the Seventh Amendment

The plaintiff bar complains that civil justice is under siege, and many blame the problem on mediation

David Gordon

2017 December

Settlements: What could go wrong?

The devil really is in all the details of the settlement agreement

Nancy Neal Yeend
David Gordon

2018 October

The secrets of confidentiality

The concept of confidentiality in mediation is complex and a written agreement is important; misunderstanding what is confidential and what is not can have serious consequences

David Gordon

2023 May