Dave Rudy

Dave Rudy

Bio as of Jul 2017:

Dave Rudy has been a full-time San Francisco mediator for 26 years. He is grateful to be affiliated with ADR Services.

For more detailed information, please see: www.adrservices.com/neutrals/rudy-dave/


Articles written by this author:

Perspectives on mediating class actions and other complex cases

A look at the substantive and technical issues unique to class-action case mediation

Dave Rudy

2013 January

Mediating motorcycle personal-injury and products-liability cases

Issues of comparative negligence typically abound when a motorcycle is involved

Dave Rudy

2014 May

Mediating the class-action case

A look at the process and substance of class-action mediation, and plaintiffs’ intra-team disputes

Dave Rudy

2015 January

Using third-party witness testimony at mediation in the employment case

Aside from the credibility of your plaintiff, a third-party witness may be your most powerful tool to increase the settlement value

Dave Rudy

2015 June

Settlement of PAGA cases

PAGA: Still an effective way to address labor code violations as traditional wage-and-hour class actions become more rare

Dave Rudy

2016 March

Mediation is a process – embrace it

How to analyze your mediation skills, style and needs

Dave Rudy

2016 August

Work the mediator – Or work with the mediator?

A comparison of the evaluative and facilitative styles of mediation

Dave Rudy

2017 August