Craig Good

Craig Good

Bio as of August 2010:

Craig Good, Ph.D., P.Eng., is president and senior consultant of Collision Analysis. He holds a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Injury Biomechanics (2007).

Prior to joining Collision Analysis in 2002, Dr. Good performed design analysis engineering at a major seatbelt and airbag manufacturer. He holds two seatbelt buckle patents and has performed extensive seatbelt buckle testing. He has authored several peer-reviewed scientific papers, acts as a reviewer for a number of technical journals and has provided expert testimony in injury biomechanics and product failure cases.

Articles written by this author:

Personal watercraft: High-speed fun, high-speed defects

A mechanical engineer explains why these can be the most dangerous vessels afloat

Craig Good

2010 August

Helmets and head-impact protection

A primer on the most relevant issues for head-injury and helmet investigations

Craig Good

2016 July