Constance Bernstein

Constance Bernstein

Bio as of October 2007:

Constance Bernstein is founder and principal consultant of The Synchronics Group Trial Consultants in San Francisco. Established in 1981, The Synchronics Group is one of the oldest trial consulting firms in the country, pioneering the use of scientific and academic principles which have become essential components in today’s complex litigation. She brings to her clients over 25 years of experience in the courtroom, as well as a background in media communications and research as a former university lecturer, journalist, writer and television producer.

Ms. Bernstein has taught Civil Advocacy at Boalt School of Law, and has been a lecturer for the Intensive Advocacy Programs at Stanford University and the University of San Francisco for over eight years. She is a regular presenter at bar associations and contributor to national newspapers and magazines, including Trial Magazine, For the Defense, Lawyers Weekly, The National Law Journal and The New York Law Journal.

Articles written by this author:

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Constance Bernstein

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