Bradley Bostick

Bradley Bostick

Bio as of March 2010:

Bradley Bostick is a Bay Area mediator and arbitrator who has mediated over 500 cases. He is also an AV-rated attorney with 27 years of civil litigation and trial experience. Visit his Web site,

Articles written by this author:

How to win at mediation the Bill Walsh way

As Walsh ran scripted plays, so too should your mediation moves be scripted

Bradley Bostick

2007 September

Mediation: Managing your client’s settlement expectations

How did your client get the idea about how much the case is worth?

Bradley Bostick

2010 March

The power of appreciation and finding merit in what others say, feel, and do

Using appreciation to create an emotional connection and overcome resistance to unpleasant facts in order to achieve better outcomes in mediation

Bradley Bostick

2019 August