Anayat Durrani

Anayat Durrani

Bio as of October 2013:

Anayat Durrani is a professional freelance journalist with a Master’s degree in Journalism and International Relations. A versatile writer, her work has been featured in publications worldwide, including Cairo’s Al-Ahram Weekly, California Lawyer Magazine, Caesar’s Player magazine and 944 Magazine. She is a regular contributor to Plaintiff.

Articles written by this author:

The greening of law firms

Going green means more than driving a hybrid or changing light bulbs

Anayat Durrani

2008 June

Yeah, there’s a legal app for that!

Lawyers are embracing the convenience of legal apps on smartphones

Anayat Durrani

2010 July

Juror, back away from the iPhone!

To the frustration of judges and attorneys, jurors are using BlackBerrys and iPhones to research cases or post updates on trials

Anayat Durrani

2010 August

Taking on art fraud

With the advent of scams executed on the Internet, art law has become a niche for intellectual-property attorneys, but focuses on the tort of fraud

Anayat Durrani

2011 January

When lawyers attack

Behave yourself! Attorneys can be guilty of bad behavior and need to control that inner pit bull

Anayat Durrani

2011 February

Jury selection: There’s an app for that

A look at the usefulness of social network information in juror selection and apps for the courtroom that could make voir dire more efficient and effective

Anayat Durrani

2011 April

Lawyer advertising: ___ A. reaches new heights or ___ B. sinks to new depths

From TV to Web sites to car wraps, attorneys find myriad ways to differentiate themselves

Anayat Durrani

2011 August

The verdict on courtroom fashion

Attorneys should “edit their outfits as carefully as their briefs,” says one law professor

Anayat Durrani

2011 October

Lights and cameras; Tweets and Google

With TV cameras in the courtroom, cutting off jurors from Web searches and social media is proving more difficult

Anayat Durrani

2011 November

Law firms get app happy

Could an app be an effective marketing tool for your firm? Would it generate repeated use?

Anayat Durrani

2012 January

Be mindful of Cupid’s poison arrow at the law firm

Office romance, particularly between partners and associates, can lead to more than just broken hearts

Anayat Durrani

2012 February

Working while Muslim: Religious discrimination in the workplace

Has “Islamophobia” caused a 10 percent rise in employment-discrimination claims?

Anayat Durrani

2012 April

Take that vacation…now!

A fatigued brain on an MRI scan looks like a brain that is asleep

Anayat Durrani

2012 July

Improving your nonverbal performance in front of a jury

Your body language, especially your hand gestures, speaks volumes to your audience

Anayat Durrani

2012 October

Pinterest social-media site offers a more personal approach to Web marketing

This virtual bulletin board of photo collages can promote your practice as it allows your creative side to show through

Anayat Durrani

2013 October