Alexis McKenna

Alexis McKenna

Alexis McKenna is a partner at Winer, McKenna & Burritt, LLP, where she specializes in harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and other employment claims on behalf of plaintiffs. Alexis is currently the President-Elect for the Alameda/Contra Costa Trial Lawyers Association, is on the Board of Governors of CAOC, and is also a member of the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association and American Association for Justice. A former editor of The Verdict for ACCTLA, Alexis has also published several articles in the area of employment litigation and has been a lecturer for CAOC and California Employment Lawyers Association.

Articles written by this author:

Privacy in employment law

Bringing an employment action doesn’t mean “opening the kimono” at defendant’s whim

Alexis McKenna

2012 April

Harris v. City of Santa Monica

“Mixed motive” or “same decision” defense in discrimination cases creates confusion

Alexis McKenna

2013 April

Maximizing emotional-distress damages in employment cases

An expert psychological witness lends credence to claims for emotional distress, in mediation as well as trial

Alexis McKenna

2014 April

Anita Hill: 25 years later

Sexual harassment was recognized in 1986 as a form of sex discrimination, yet the battle still rages, even in as unlikely a place as UC Berkeley

Alexis McKenna

2016 June

The gig economy

The big players say it’s about freedom, but it seems to be more about lowering labor costs and limiting liability

Alexis McKenna


Practices that contribute to pay disparity

A new law and the recent [case]Rizo[/case] decision offer new hope in the battle for equal pay

Alexis McKenna

2018 May