Alexander Polsky

Alexander Polsky

Bio as of September 2011:

    Alexander Polsky is an owner of JAMS and provides mediation, arbitration, and special master services nationwide, emphasizing complex commercial, catastrophic injury, class action, construction, employment, entertainment, maritime and multidistrict litigation, as well as international arbitration and mediation. He is a Professor of Law at USC and a negotiation skills trainer. Polsky is “AV rated” and has resolved thousands of disputes worldwide and repeatedly receives the Daily Journal, Superlawyer and Best Lawyer Top Mediator Award. He can be reached directly via www/ or 714-501 1321.

Articles written by this author:

Is a ship in dry dock still a vessel?

A look at maritime mediation and the Jones Act

Alexander Polsky

2007 September

Risk-oriented mediation

This process provides a reality test and a business focus, helping to move clients away from emotional positions

Alexander Polsky

2007 October

The dark side of arbitration

Before you publish adverse comments about an arbitrator, look at all sides of the decision

Alexander Polsky

2007 November

Want your mediation to fail?

The other side of the coin: Twelve excellent and fairly common ways to insure your mediation fails

Alexander Polsky

2011 September

The five steps of mediation (and negotiation)

Mediation is a facilitated negotiation. You’ll do better adhering to the five predictable stages

Alexander Polsky

2012 September