Aaron H. Darsky

Aaron H. Darsky

Aaron H. Darsky began his legal career at Schubert & Reed, LLP, consequently representing plaintiffs in shareholder derivative actions and consumer, antitrust, securities fraud, multi-level marketing fraud and shareholder minority rights class actions. Aaron began litigating habitability cases with Eric Lifschitz in 2009. He is now a partner at LEDA Law. Aaron received his juris doctorate with a certificate of specialization in litigation from Golden Gate University School of Law. He earned a bachelor of arts degree from Michigan State University College of Business.

Articles written by this author:

When is toxic mold litigation not toxic mold litigation?

To settle with an insurer, you must maneuver around the exclusions for mold and focus on varied tenant claims that arise from an uninhabitable rental unit

Eric L. Lifschitz
Aaron H. Darsky

2012 September

Too much privilege? SLAPP-happy landlords get a dressing down

Moriarty v. Laramar Management is important because it reviews the cases that define protected activity and discusses its risks for abuse

Aaron H. Darsky
Laura R. Keenan

2014 June

Evolution of tenant harassment statutes

Strategies for lawsuits with attorney’s fees based on local rent-control regulations

Aaron H. Darsky
Josephine L. Alioto

2015 March