2010 September

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Cross-examination to impair witness credibility

Challenging a witness’s credibility requires careful strategy. Examine the avenues of prior inconsistency, character evidence or case-specific impeachment

William Veen
George Ellard

2010 September

Wage loss vs earning capacity: Defining the differences

The difference can be confusing, but it is essential to explain this basic concept – wage loss vs earning capacity – to the mediator or jury

Phillip Sidlow
Enrique Vega

2010 September

Home repair and home warranty “rip-offs” still target the elderly

Unscrupulous contractors are nothing new, but homeowner warranties are a new twist

Michael Panish

2010 September

Understanding and managing your software licenses

Tips on buying and managing office software that can save you hassle and money

Michael Mortimer

2010 September

What tribe are you in?

With warring tribes, mediation can seem like a bad episode of “Survivor”

Jeffrey Krivis

2010 September

Profile: Kathryn Dickson

Profile: Kathryn Dickson

A pivotal event turns a would-be environmental lawyer into top employment attorney

Stephen Ellison

2010 September

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Recent cases of interest to members of the plaintiff’s bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2010 September

Effective use of exhibits in closing argument helps win $12.2 million verdict

When you tie it all together, technology can capture jurors’ attention and prevent boredom

Ted Brooks

2010 September

Proposition 19: Will we all get high if this initiative passes?

A look at the legal history of marijuana use and a discussion of the legal implications of Prop 19

Donna Bader

2010 September

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