2010 June

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Unlicensed contractors: Find the positives, not the negatives

The hirer of an unlicensed contractor may face civil liabilities if the contractor — or his employee — is injured on the job

William Veen
Eustace de Saint Phalle

2010 June

On Marketing

10 ways to enhance – and protect – your online brand

Todd Smith

2010 June

Don’t let the door hit you in the ….

If you suspect your client was injured by a defective door, here are some preliminary discovery tips

Michael Panish

2010 June

Don’t get robbed on the Internet

Roboform may be the best Robocop for protecting your information — and your clients’ — online

Michael Mortimer

2010 June

The electronic curtain: Mediating through e-mail

E-mail can be a two-edged sword in achieving a settlement. Make sure yours is clear

Jeffrey Krivis

2010 June

Mentor a student

Pay them some attention today and the plaintiff’s bar will benefit tomorrow

Althea T. Kippes

2010 June

Profile: e. robert wallach

Profile: e. robert wallach

State Bar Hall of Fame litigator boasts 222 trials in 51 years – and he’s not done yet

Stephen Ellison

2010 June

Appellate Reports

Recent cases of interest to members of the plaintiff’s bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2010 June

Toyota’s nightmare

The role of electronic throttle controls in the Toyota litigation

Larry Booth

2010 June

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