2010 July

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Profile: Madelyn Chaber

Profile: Madelyn Chaber

After “smoking out” the tobacco industry, litigation pioneer strives to improve work-life balance – for everyone

Stephen Ellison

2010 July

Staffing agency employees injured on the job: A double-edged sword

Consider a two-part attack on the WC exclusive-remedy defense in a dual- or multiple-employer situation

William Veen
Kimberly Wong

2010 July

Get out of the hole with “The Make Whole Rule”

Minimizing reimbursements by your client to insurers who paid claims under health insurance or auto policy medical benefits

William M. Margolin

2010 July

Free webinars by expert witnesses

An opportunity to have case-specific questions answered at no charge

Althea T. Kippes

2010 July

The male warrior/trial lawyer

Male trial lawyers are fighting issues of “hidden spirituality” and “false masculinity” that carry over into their professional relationships with women

J. Gary Gwilliam

2010 July

Get your sidewalk-fall case to the jury. Beat the trivial-defect defense

Six strategies to keep the trial judge from throwing out your case based on a finding that the defect was “trivial”

Clinton E. Ehrlich

2010 July

Appellate Reports

Litigation privilege does not apply to conduct that is wrongful independent of the litigation

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2010 July

Yeah, there’s a legal app for that!

Lawyers are embracing the convenience of legal apps on smartphones

Anayat Durrani

2010 July

Deposition hell and what to do about it

Just how far can discovery of personal information go in a deposition? Is the collection of Marilyn Monroe photos up for grabs?

Andrew P.P. Dunk, III

2010 July

Toyota’s nightmare

The role “pedal error” will likely play in Toyota SUA accident litigation

Larry Booth

2010 July

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