2010 August

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Don’t let a remains-mishandling case haunt you

Mortuaries, crematoriums and cemeteries are fertile grounds for lawsuits by survivors

William Veen
Andje Medina

2010 August

Why LinkedIn may be your most effective social media

Twitter and Facebook don’t fit the style and demeanor of most legal marketing

Jessica Jaramillo
Amber Vincent

2010 August

The vanishing civil jury trial

Could jury consultants and mock trials be used more creatively to resolve cases?

J. Gary Gwilliam

2010 August

Personal watercraft: High-speed fun, high-speed defects

A mechanical engineer explains why these can be the most dangerous vessels afloat

Craig Good

2010 August

Profile: William Berg

Profile: William Berg

Sole practitioner, shrewd businessman and public servant advises lawyers to figure out what area of law they like in order to be successful

Stephen Ellison

2010 August

Appellate Reports and Cases in brief

Severability clauses in insurance policies will render ambiguous certain policy exclusions

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2010 August

Juror, back away from the iPhone!

To the frustration of judges and attorneys, jurors are using BlackBerrys and iPhones to research cases or post updates on trials

Anayat Durrani

2010 August

Don’t let the SOL leave you and your client SOL

When is the time limit really up on filing a lawsuit? A review of the basics and some practical advice on the statutes of limitations

Andrew P.P. Dunk, III

2010 August

Toyota’s nightmare

Defendants, venue and punitive damages: All factors in Toyota cases

Larry Booth

2010 August

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