2008 January

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Failure mode forensic testing of seat belts

Seat belts can reveal many clues after an accident

Kurt D. Weiss

2008 January

How experts can survive and thrive during cross-examination

Practical techniques can guide experts in answering the tough questions

Noelle Nelson

2008 January

Legislative priorities for 2008

A preview of some of the areas ripe for reform

Michele Magar

2008 January

Letter to the Editor

HOA laws are Draconian

2008 January

What can you do with Google?

Think you know it all? It’s not your grandmother’s Google

Althea T. Kippes

2008 January

Litigating civilly: Ten self-serving ways to “play nice” in discovery

These discovery tactics will help you advance your clients’ interests while fostering productive relationships with opposing counsel

John Kelley
Peter Vestal

2008 January

Carpal tunnel syndrome: The personal injury connection

Although the connection between carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress is cloudy, one cause is clear: Hand injuries and related nerve traumas can result in CTS

Ron Y. Goldstein

2008 January

Public Justice sues U.S. Government and California for immigrant’s penile amputation

The lawsuit seeks to hold the federal and state governments accountable for abdicating their responsibility for an immigration detainee’s medical condition

Sarah Dean

2008 January

The danger of exposure to the Internet

Care must be taken when presenting computer data in court to make sure alteration has not taken place through exposure to the Internet

Mike Cherry
Edward J. Imwinkelried

2008 January

Is it safe to take a vacation?

A written notice of a planned absence or vacation may be a smart move to support an attorney’s claim that opposing counsel was notified but it has its limitations

Donna Bader

2008 January

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