2008 April

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Sharp as a tack: When mortgage fraud becomes elder abuse

The fear of losing their homes can leave the elderly vulnerable to scams and fraud

Jessica Zimmer

2008 April

Special Needs Trusts: How to keep your win from becoming your client’s loss

Avoiding great hardship for a client who receives certain public benefits requires careful planning

Kevin Urbatsch

2008 April

The Disability Rights Treaty: The advocacy opportunity of a lifetime

The United States must sign the U.N. Treaty on Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Michele Magar

2008 April

Practical, inexpensive time-billing programs

K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) often is the best way to go with software in a small office

Althea T. Kippes

2008 April

Trials and tribulations: A profile of Oakland trial lawyer J. Gary Gwilliam

A childhood of hard times leads to a life of alcohol abuse until a spiritual awakening changes this hard-charging plaintiff's lawyer

Stephen Ellison

2008 April

Rumpolean naughtiness

Welcome back, Rumpole! Please carry on misbehaving

Max Dodd

2008 April

ART and LAW: Is there a connection?

A look at the nexus of law and art, and the works of four attorneys and a judge who are also accomplished artists

Donna Bader

2008 April

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