2007 December

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Understanding the statute of limitations for a medical malpractice birth trauma case

Defendants might like to believe that injuries suffered in labor and delivery are now subject to a six-year limitations period, but that is not the law

Shirley Watkins
Steven B. Stevens

2007 December

The myth of malingering: Is it the truth or a lie?

Doctors testify that science backs their ability to call plaintiffs liars. It’s time to administer malingering tests to these experts

Dorothy Clay Sims

2007 December

Finding the smoking gun: A hands-on guide to dealing with electronic discovery

With the advent of metadata, pushing the “delete” button does not erase damning e-mails or documents

Solange E. Ritchie

2007 December

Common Interest Developments: A new frontier for plaintiffs’ attorneys

When a homeowners’ association forecloses, the minimum bid can be the amount owed to the HOA, regardless of the worth of the home

Michele Magar

2007 December

The truth about deception in mediation

While deception can provide a bargaining advantage, it often comes at a cost

Jeffrey Krivis

2007 December

Tech tools for running your office

These simple suggestions can make you savvy in managing your practice

Althea T. Kippes

2007 December

Class actions dodge another bullet from industry gunslingers (but how long can this last?)

A look at what impact Gentry and Discover Bank may have on California class actions

Gregg A. Farley

2007 December

Opposing motions for summary judgment in medical malpractice cases

The best time to prepare for a motion for summary judgment is when you first accept the case

Donna Bader

2007 December

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