Allison Fairchild

Allison Fairchild

Bio as of April 2014:

Allison J. Fairchild has represented plaintiffs in personal injury, products liability and employment cases in Sacramento, the Bay Area and Los Angeles for 17 years. Currently, she is taking a break from the practice of law to write and travel around the world. 

Articles written by this author:

How many lawyers does it take to change the bias against lawyers?

Attorneys take a vow to be honest but still have to suffer through “jokes” implying they are not

Allison Fairchild

2012 April

Emotional distress claims: Get it right from the start

It can be tricky to differentiate between “mere emotional distress” and PTSD

Allison Fairchild

2013 March

“But I don’t want to settle”

When the client’s determination to go forward conflicts with his best interests or your pocketbook

Allison Fairchild

2014 April